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Industry Information
Fabric of the economy of specific performance in the tenacity
ClassIndustry Information Time2014/3/14 10:50:25
Gloss. From the appearance of the fabric cosmetic effect, the fabric has a certain degree of gloss, it can be determined according to the purposes. Dyeing. Bright dyeing degree of property contains color fastness and color. In general, dyeing properties of natural fiber and regenerated fiber is better, and the synthetic fiber, semi synthetic fiber dyeing.
Pilling. The fabric pilling state table and produce, and raw material fiber length, coarseness and curled itself is related to the degree of. In general, synthetic fiber, acrylic, nylon, especially, more pilling of wool fabric, and is relatively less.
Practicability. Refers to the economic fabric. Specific performance in strength and toughness. The clothing material fastness, after strong firm level test tensile, wear, tear, Hen oppression and other means. Temperature tolerance. Refers to the degree of thermal resistance and heat treatment of materials after the.
Resistance to discoloration. The sun, after rubbing the color fastness of the fabric after the situation.
Corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of materials on the acid-base and drugs. The general plant fiber weak acid proof, alkali and weak ability of wool, and synthetic fiber, acid alkali strong degree of mildew resistant pest control. Fabric mildew insect phenomenon has certain relation with the climate and environment temperature. Moldy and moth eaten clothing, not health, but also affect fastness. Generally speaking, natural fibers, especially wool, fur most easily moldy and moth eaten, and synthesis, chemical fiber is not easy to be affected by this.
In conclusion, performance Gen decoration cloth can be divided into the following several types: Performance - shape direction, gas bearing, stretching, compression, stability, surface morphology. The mechanical properties of class. Zhou tensile strength, tear strength, bursting strength, impact strength, softness, elasticity, collect the friction strength.