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Industry Information
The main characteristics of the fabric material
ClassIndustry Information Time2014/3/14 10:51:09
Clothing is composed of styles, colors and materials three elements. The material is the most basic elements. Clothing materials refers to all the material composition of clothing, it can be divided into fabric and garment accessories. Here, mainly to introduce some knowledge of fabric.
One, not to disturb the fabric clothing concept: refers to reflect the main features of clothing materials.
Two, common clothing fabrics
A) cotton fabric: refers to the cotton yarn or cotton and cotton blended yarn woven fabric. Its good air permeability, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, is practical popular fabric. Blended cotton products, cotton can be divided into two categories.
Two) hemp fabric: the bast fiber textile made of pure linen and linen and other fiber blended or interwoven fabric called hemp fabric. The common characteristics of hemp fabric is hard and tough, rough and stiff, cool and comfortable, good moisture absorption, is an ideal summer clothing fabric, hemp fabric can be divided into two kinds of pure and blended spinning. Three) silk fabrics: high-grade varieties in textiles. The main means of mulberry silk, tussah silk, artificial silk, synthetic fibre as the main raw material. It has a thin light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous, comfortable advantage.
Four) wool fabric: wool, rabbit hair, camel's hair, wool and chemical fiber as the main raw material of fabric, generally by the wool for the living, it is a year round of high-grade fabric, good elasticity, anti wrinkle, stiff, durable wear-resistant, strong warm, comfortable and beautiful, pure color etc., deeply welcomed by consumers.
Five) chemical fiber fabric: polyester fabric with its fastness, good elasticity, smooth, wear-resistant wash, easy storage of and loved by the people. Chemical fiber fabric is made of pure chemical fiber woven fabric. Its characteristics by the characteristics of the chemical fiber itself to decide. Chemical fiber according to different needs, processed into a certain length, and according to different fabrics, silk, cotton, linen imitation, elastic wool, wool like fabrics such as long.
Six) other apparel fabrics, knitted fabric: 1 is composed of one or a plurality of yarn continuously along the zonal or meridional bent into a circle, and string together. 2, English fur: pelliccia, with fur leather, generally used for decorative cold winter boots, shoes, shoe or shoe. 3, all kinds of leather: after tanning of animal skin. Tanning aims to prevent skin deterioration, some small animals, reptiles, fish and birds animal skin known in English as (Skin) in Italy or some other countries tend to use "Pelle" and its synonym to represent this type of leather. 4, the new fabric and special fabric: batik, tie dye, space cotton etc..