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Industry Information
The textile industry transfer in order to save costs and improve the competitiveness of
ClassIndustry Information Time2014/3/14 10:51:54
On the evening of 8, China Textile Industry Association vice president Xu Wenying in the house "in the night" interview, introduced China's textile and garment industry transfer to the domestic and abroad, pointed out that the transfer of industry to save production costs, improve competitiveness.
The current China's textile and garment industry transfer, is an important content of regional industry structure adjustment. Industrial transfer has two directions, one is the transfer to the central and eastern part, the other is to go abroad, to foreign development. Not long ago a Zhejiang enterprises to textile factory moved to USA, aroused attention.
In this regard, China Textile Industry Association vice president Xu Wenying said, since the thirty years of reform and opening up, the coastal area, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region of rapid economic growth, the textile industry is mainly concentrated in the area. With the passage of time, some difficulties, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the land resources in the coastal area reduced, increasing land prices, all the land is appropriated, factory built almost no place here, go up; second, the cost of human resources, labor costs rising, according to the survey, now the coastal areas of the labor price has reached four thousand pieces, cost more and more high; third, energy-saving emission reduction pressure, energy-saving emission reduction work more on local government requirements are not increased, a ton of water discharge, not excessive use of electricity.
"To the enterprise, increased labor costs, production capacity is not increased, how to offset the cost of rapid growth? Only two ways, one is to increase the scale of production, increase; another is to improve the additional value. To improve the additional value is a slow work, not immediately achievable. Therefore, in the absence of land, labor costs are high, the price is high, the situation of energy-saving emission reduction under pressure, many enterprises can only choose the outside. At present, our textile industry to Henan, Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other regions." Xu Wenying introduced.
As for the media had reported the cotton textile enterprises in Zhejiang Cole group to establish American South Carolina factories, Xu Wenying said, USA than domestic has certain advantages in price, price etc..
"The cotton spinning industry is power hungry industry, machine, air spinning technology is power. Chinese price is seven cents, in some places even higher, and America price Sanmao less than five, relatively cheap labor; American except high price point, land prices are also cheaper than domestic. In addition, America local government will provide preferential conditions." Xu Wenying said.
Another important reason for the textile industry "going out" is the cotton. Xu Wenying introduced, in China, cotton yarn costs accounted for 70%, the price is too high. At present Chinese cotton price than the international market, the country is 20400 yuan / ton, the national place storage is 19800 yuan / ton, the market price of 19000 yuan / ton. While the international market price is 14000 yuan a ton. If you don't put a tariff, a ton of difference up to four thousand or five thousand dollars. Therefore, enterprises "going out" is the way to enhance the competitiveness of cotton industry.
In addition, Xu Wenying also said, some textile enterprises "exodus" Vietnam is because cotton's sake, Vietnamese enterprises to buy cotton does not need to import quota, it is free to make yarn, re export customs without.